Reverse Phone Lookup App Reviews

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Too expensive

The app is free but they are asking for $1.99 per match??? Forget you.

A complete Scam/Ripoff

I downloaded this app I typed in a phone # and it said for $1.99 I will give you the name of and bla bla bla so I tried it and it said Name unavailable. What a useless POS. and the worst part is it stole my money through the app store. Apple if I were you I would revoke there rights to charge through you! Ill be complaining!


Nothing free about this. It advertises free app, then demands $1.99 before it gives you the information you thought you were Getting free. Sneekey and deceptive.

Not free

They ask you to pay two dollars per match. Dont waste your time.

Dont bother downloading this app. They want 1.99 to find out the name of the caller.

Dont bother downloading this app. They want 1.99 to find out the name of caller. Only 1 star cause I had to


Great and convenient. I tested it with several local numbers. It not only provides name associated to the phone number but if its residential it locates it on the map.

Reverse Phone Look Up

Seems to work good

Dont waste your money

This app is useless. It rarely finds a Match even with 3.99 premium service option.

Dont waste your time

This app is pretty much useless. You cant copy a number that called you from recent callers list because the program only has room for the 10 digit number, not the 1 in front of the number. It also wants to charge you $1.99 to get the name of a person; it will only tell you where the call was from. The iPhone does that already, who needs this program to figure it out? Not even worth the one star I had to give it to write this review.

Stole my money

Worst app stole 3 dollars from me used reverse look up said name was confidential and still charged me

No so bad

Pretty good app. I find that if I pay an extra $1.99 I can get a name. But not wanting to put out that extra cash I dont bother. I wish there was access to all name/numbers; excluding unlisted of course.


Love it found many old friends looking up things backwards has really helped

Dont pay the $1.99!

I clicked to pay $1.99 to get the name because its says that you are charged only if they can find it. Well, all I got was that the phone number is registered in Montreal and still paid $1.99 + taxes. With 514 as the area code I already knew that!

Crapy database


Still not worth the money

The app only finds listed numbers. it does not do reverse look up for annoying marketers. Not worth the money.


Only used twice so far... Does what it says itll do.


Dont bother even trying this one , spent do what its asked


didnt give addresses like in the picture shown, so na not worth it, it says the city, but wrong postal and no address which is useless for what I need it for. but others may find it useful to semi locate prank calls :)

Do not pay for this app

Charger extra, only gave me the town. No name or address like it said.

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